RGT W Series

Single Degassing System Connected with Crusher Compactor

It carries out crushing,heating,densifying ,drying and mixing operations one shot before extruder phase.

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R Pet Series

In the applications of products like pet and

polyster,completing crystallization and feeding operations in the compactor crusher frame,plastification is ensured in the extruder phase.

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ALG TW Series

Double Degassing Side Fed Recycling Machines

Double Degassing System Coupled with Recycling Machines for wetter and printed products

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RGT TW Series

Double Degassing connected with Crusher Compacter

It ensures high performance with double degassing and powerful vacuum system in the application of wetter and more printed products.

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RGT W SH Series

Crusher Compactor connected with Shredder

In the applications of hard to break products,PP Big Bag,rigid plastic lumps.This is the connected one another model of the extruder. At first , it crashes and granulates later on .

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AL - HF 120x80

Hand Feed and Degassing

It favours releasing the gas and acquiring more homogenious and rigid output for low printed products .

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RGT TW CS Series

Double degassing and cascade connected with crusher compactor

The competence of granulating one shot in the application of intense gas and wetter products.Thanks to molten plastic filtering,it ensures whiter granules.

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ALG W Series

Side Fed Recycling Machines

Plastic Products,Main Screw,the act of feeding the product by pushing thanks to another screw .

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RG Eco 70

Crusher Coupled Compacter

ECO Model Recycling Machines designed as operating continously for edge and oulet loss

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