RGT W SH Series

In the applications of hard to break products,PP Big Bag,rigid plastic lumps.This is the connected one another model of the extruder. At first , it crashes and granulates later on.

RGT W –SH Model ,coupled with Shredder,connected with crusher compactor recycling machine, proposes solutions for the hard to crash products:Tough lump,PP Bag,Polyester or PP thread .In this model, in the earlier stage thanks to shredder,crushing is given certain dimensions intensified by crushing compactor and exposed to the extruder phase and finally that is formed as granules.

Shredder and Extruder cooperate each other by transferring data synchronously.


  • HDPE Kasa Çeşitleri

    HDPE Kasa Çeşitleri

  • HDPE Şişe

    HDPE Şişe

  • PE Film Rulo

    PE Film Rulo

  • Plastik Takoz

    Plastik Takoz

  • PP Jumbo Bag

    PP Jumbo Bag

  • PP Nonwoven

    PP Nonwoven

  • PP Woven

    PP Woven

One shot several products are granulated
One shot several products are granulated
High Capacity
High Capacity
Easy Usage
Easy Usage
Low Energy Consumption
Low Energy Consumption


Model RGT W SH 100 RGT W SH 120 RGT W SH 140 RGT W SH 160
Capacitykg/h 350-450  550-700  800-1000  1000-1500
Shredder (Model) ALSHR 10 ALSHR 13 ALSHR 13 ALSHR 15
Extruder Screw Diamm 100 120 140 160
Templastic Material HDPE, LDPE, PP, SERT TAKOZ PLASTİK     
Ext. Screw Revolutionrpm 115 115 110 110
Main Motorkw 90-110 132-160 200-250 315-350