AL - HF 130x70

Altech AL-HF 130X70 Model recycling extruder is a hand feeding and air cooled granule machine.By means of low energy consumption ,compact frame design, short L/D rate,it ensures perfect product quality.Along with special screw design and the crusher section in the barrel , film ,edge loss and output loss are directly formed as granules by feeding and melting without crushing.


  • Film Ağzı Firesi

    Film Ağzı Firesi

  • Kenar Fire

    Kenar Fire

  • PE File

    PE File

  • PE Film Rulo

    PE Film Rulo

Explanation Film, Ağız Presi, Poşet Geri Dönüşümü
Capacity HDPE-LDPE:100-120 kg/h
Total Power 45 Kw
Type Degazajsız  
Screw Dia 130 x 70
Screw Barrel 8550(34CrAlNi7)Nitrasyon Çeliği
Screw Spindle Material 100 rpm
Barrel Heater 12 kw
Heat Control Region 1/8 3.Bölge HP Soğutucu
Main Motor 30 kw