AL - HF 120x80

Altech AL-HF 120X180 model recycling extruder is air cooled,low energy usage,compact frame design,short L/D rate,it ensures perfect product quality.By means of degassing , filter system and vacuum pump removing damp,it is for the service of every plastic manufacturer making use of their loss.It provides recycling without spoiling product quality by help of special screw design (8550 nitration steel)that is intended for the materials like HDPE,LDPE.


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Explanation Ağız Presi, Poşet Geri Dönüşümü
Capacitykg/h 90-120
Total Power kw 45
Type Degazaj Gazalmalı
Screw Diamm 120 x 80
Screw Barrel 8550(34CrAlNi7)Nitrasyon Çeliği
Screw Spindle Material 100 rpm
Barrel Heater kw
Heat Control Region 1/8 3.Bölge HP Soğutucu
Main Motor 37 kw