RGT TW Series

RGT TW Series Recycling Machines,double degassing phase,distinctive vacuum system,with more printed or %8-%10 wetter products, outcome oriented model

RGT TW Series Recycling Machine Model :Mixing,Crushing,Densifying,Feeding and Heating Operations are carried out one shot.RGT TW Model with double degassing,special screw design,vacuum system,recycling more printed and wetter products ,it ensures whiter granules. Automation group of the system,the extruder that ensures molten plastic particles,filter group, with the granulator, the superiority of the centrifuge design and technology ,high capacity,low enery consumption so that granules in perfect design and quality are ensured.


  • PE-PP Film

    PE-PP Film

  • Baskılı Film Geri Dönüşüm (PE-PP)

    Baskılı Film Geri Dönüşüm (PE-PP)

  • Streç Film

    Streç Film

  • % 7 Islak Regrınd Çapak HDPE

    % 7 Islak Regrınd Çapak HDPE

  • Damla Sulama

    Damla Sulama

  • HDPE Regrınd Boru Çapağı

    HDPE Regrınd Boru Çapağı

  • Balonlu Naylon

    Balonlu Naylon

  • Film Poşet

    Film Poşet

  • PP Film

    PP Film

  • Shrink Film

    Shrink Film

  • Agricultural Film

    Agricultural Film

  • Baskılı BOPP Film

    Baskılı BOPP Film

  • PE-PP Köpük

    PE-PP Köpük

  • PP Raffia Scraps

    PP Raffia Scraps

Recycling for printed and wet products

Recycling for printed and wet products

%8-%10 wet and printed products ,special screw design and thanks to degassing group acquiring tougher granules
High Capacity

High Capacity

High Capacity and product quality
Easy Usage

Easy Usage

Easy Usage and low energy consumption
Powerful Vacuum System

Powerful Vacuum System

Vacuum System in Altech application brighter and compacter granule quantities


Model  RGT TW 100  RGT TW 120  RGT TW 140 
Capacity kg/h 350-400 500-700 700-1000 
Templastic Material HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS,      
Ext. Screw Diamm 100 120 140
Ext. Screw Revolutionrpm 110  110  100
Main Motor kw 90-110 132-160 200-250