Plastic Pressing and Squeezing Machine

Squeezing Machines with special screw design perform an act of pressing and functions as decreasing damp rate to minimum levels.The washed film materials are pushed forward by pressing and squeezing through squeezing machines,at the time of transmission,the water gets out of the barrel evacuation holes.The transfer for the next station is completed by transferring conveyor fan and getting through plastic barrel in the front side.

Having strong construction feature and screw outlet part is also formed as is made to spin in linear axis and with special screw material against twist, maximum endurance is ensured.Squeezing machines playing a productive and important role in the washing lines ,according to the capacity of the probable products, appropriate models are suggested to the customers.

Model ALT-SM 300 ALT-SM 400
Motor Power kw 75-90 110-132
Capacity kg/h 500-600 800-1000