Friction Washing Centrifuge Group

FR - 500

Interior Washing Friction Centrifuge System

Friction Centrifuge Systems:preliminary stations in order to wash the products in the washing lines.FR 500 and FR 300 are two interior and external washing models.

According to the model,friction groups’ structure differs.Wing designs,choice of material against wearing out,maximum cycles required for washing,direction of watering the system,bearing group used,waterproof getok systems,perfect design and long life ,high performance,durable to hardest conditions.

FR - 300

Externally Washed Friction Centrifuge System

  Motor kn  Sant Diamm  Water Spraying Capacity
FR - 500 22-30 Ø 500 Internal Watering 1000-2000 kg/h
FR - 300 11-15 Ø 300 External Watering 500-1000 kg/h