Plastic Washing and Granule Line

WL 500

Washing systems for highly contaminated products, full cleaning.That is applicable to HDPE-LDPE-PP soft and rigid products .

WL 1000

With the distinction of Multi Decomposition System and interior washing friction :Altech Washing Technologies...

The waste consumed by the human kind is saved for the industry and included for the production process by being converted to secondary raw material by way of several recycling methods.

Called as recycling,saving move has enabled to be an important source of industry as raw material.Day by day, recycling applications that increase and gain importance have proved the need of recycling market for more energy efficiency,best quality and equipped with recent technology and high automated machines.

Set off with awareness of environment and intension of recycling consumed materials ,Altech Plastic Machine has grown in the recycling sector in a short term.Having sensitive to every recycling projects ,idealist and revolutionary staff,Altech has taken place among leading firms in the sector.

With proper washing line design,it decreases the load of the extruder and increases the profit rate and saleability for the plastic granule and the respective product.Altech washing lines are composed of two model options: WL 500(500kg/h) and WL1000(1000kg/h)

In seperate stations,decomposition of sand,metal and stone , washing in higher cycles ,crashing and drying are carried out.It ensures full cleaning for highly contaminated products and it gives opportunity to be reused.

In the multifunctional decomposition tank,the products that are sorted out in the shredder are decomposed of metal,stone and sand.What is more,this operation is carried out automatically.Besides, the rested and sand brought down water in the tank with its distintive filter system is again sprayed over the crushed product.

The washing of plastic particles passed through frictions is performed thanks to high cycles and interior flushing method.By way of the operations in the next station,granule is formed as ready sorted out of paper ,sand and metal.